Hillary Leach

Painter/Mixed Media Artist

Hillary Leach


Gray and Bone
10" x 8"

Porcelain 10" x 10"

Copper Penny
8" x 8"

Soft Peach 10" x 8"

Red Wrapped Navy 10" x 8"

Stella Squared 10"x 10"

There is a physicality to these canvases that quietly challenges the boundaries between painting and sculpture. They manage to be at once both delicate and solid.

Their small scale gives them a precious quality; they are more akin to objects than paintings. Curving lines meander across the surface of the canvas, turning and circling in an effort to combat the stagnant nature inherent to a painting hung on a wall. At times, these lines retreat to the sides of the canvas in an effort to fully exhaust their kinetic energy.

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